Security Alarms        To Protect your Family, Home, Auto, and Yourself
Guard Dog Defense offers the best value in electronic security alarms for your personal protection, and home security.
Alarms are an important security product. They can warn you of an intruder or an attempt by an intruder to break into your property as well as discourage a would be burglar or assailant.
We have several types of motion alarms to protect your home as well as surveillance cameras to monitor your home and property.  For your personal protection, a personal security alarm will sound a shrill siren in an emergency including some models that include a light for additional protection. 
We also have a selection of car alarms to protect your vehicle from theft, and child alarms to monitor and protect your children.
All of our products are easy to install and easy to use.
Electronic Watch Dog
Electronic Watch Dog
Make Prowlers think there is a large dog on the other side of your door
This alarm will bark like an angry dog when it senses motion behind a wall or door
Special Offer:    $62.95 each.
when you purchase 2 or more
Special Offer:   15% off  the sale price when you purchase 6 or more.
Door and Window Alarms
Window Alarm
Door Alarm
Stick a Window Alert on your windows, and place a door stop alarm under your doors.
 Special Offer $54.95 each when you buy 2 or more
Talking Car Alarm
Talking Car Alarm
 This alarm will warn an intruder with a stern voice if it senses shock or a change in battery current. It is armed and disarmed by remote control and has a dual stage shock sensor that is adjustable. This alarm is simple to install.
Sale Price  $14.95
Protect doorways and hallways.
Only those who know the code can pass without setting off this alarm.
Programmable Alarm
Programmable Alarm
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